How To Live In The Moment And Stop Worrying

In the middle of last year, I made a decision to live a healthier and a much simpler life. Simplifying and eliminating non essential possessions are the main goal that I believe will freed us from being stuck from the past and live a stress free life. It will help us eliminate clutter that are keeping us from enjoying our life fully. This process will give us more time and space for things that we really enjoy and are really important to us.

I collect antiques. I started collecting as soon as I live abroad. I would frequent garage or estate sales before and I get this elation with all my finds. This year I will be holding a sale which hopefully this antiques will turn into cash. I love antiques and they represent my old soul and my interest with history, however, they are dominating our space and has become too much.

It has collected more dusts and has taken time from me as I have to organize and dust them occasionally. This realization made me feel good. The idea of letting go and freeing a space made me feel energized. I couldn’t believe that I will get to this point. Is this a sign of aging? Yaikks!

Living In The Present

I am guilty of hanging on to the past, thus the collections of antique pieces! I also have collected tons of old letters, birthday cards, Christmas cards etc., name it, I probably have it. I love the idea of going through those items and relieving those past memories. Although, with that practice, it is unavoidable to relieve past hurts or bad memories which is unhealthy as it could freshen up a wound that has healed.

There is nothing wrong in collecting stuff or items as decors but keeping them at a minimum is the key. So with those goals in mind, I have list ways and techniques that we can do to stay living in the present and enjoying them:

Decluttering a space This will give us an organized space that will help the flow of energy in our homes freely. I believe a space that is organize and airy helps declutter our minds too. It will give us more peace and calmer thoughts. Giving up things that are not needed will help us declutter and free a space which can be used for something else.

Avoiding buying stuff that are not essential   We all tend to join this shopping craze. Or we allow this temporary gratification gets the best of us. The retail therapy in which we would buy something to fill up that feeling of emptiness or sadness even though there’s no need for it. Thus accumulation begins. Which leads us to the next one…

Buying only what are needed  The ability to control one selves of purchasing items without much thought. Or buying only what is of necessity is a sign of good character and being strong. By not allowing these ads and media or the love for unworthy things overpower our thoughts and our ability to save money is very important.

Saving money The importance of having enough money saved or maybe a stable job will free us from worries and aids us in living stress free lives. Having been able to take a vacation or smell the flowers sometimes is a good way of enjoying our lives.

Practicing gratefulness It is important to be grateful everyday and for whatever blessing we have. Being thankful and genuinely content with what we have is so gratifying and freeing, knowing that there’s nothing that will rob you of happiness is such a blessing. It is so easy now a days to be discontent as we have these multiple social media that shows so many photos and stories of people who takes very good pictures and tells wonderful tales that leaves us all green with envy.

Appreciating love ones or people that has done great things in your liferight now    Don’t wait too long to be appreciative of your love ones. I made a mistake of staying busy working all the time and not giving much time to my family. So last year, my husband and I almost parted ways as I didn’t pay too much attention to our relationship but rather my focus was on something that is less valuable than my love ones. Isn’t it more fun and meaningful to spend our everyday with them.

Avoiding social media    As much as possible do not waste time in social media. Use it for productivity or promoting a business but to lounge around and indulging oneself on something that are unproductive can be a time waster. Allowing ourselves to fully focus on those people around us rather than spending too much time on our devices is another great way of appreciating them.

Staying healthy    Having the ability to move freely and being healthy is another blessing. Maintaining it and enjoying our sick free life is part of being grateful. Mental and physical health is very important as it will give us the full potential to enjoy our everyday lives.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment…Buddha

Life is short as they say and time flies so fast. My children who used to be all so young, 2 of them now are adolescents. I miss quite a bit of their growing up years as I was busy with my career and working not realizing that one day those times will not be brought back.

We have to cherish each moment and time. We have to appreciate today rather than aspiring for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Tomorrow will come but we will be happier because we didn’t waste today. When tomorrow comes, we have something to look back to that is joyful and with less of a regret as we didn’t take today for granted. Let us made the most of today. Let us enjoy today so if tomorrow comes it’s filled with great memories that will bring smile to our face. Let’s live one day at a time.

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